Syed and Fatema Warsi recognized the value of education in achieving one’s potential. They felt that one’s means should not determine one’s access to education and supported many young students in their pursuits. Syed had varied interests, serving as Air Force instructor, engineer at Pakistan’s ordinance factories and at the Atomic Energy Commission in Canada. Throughout his career, he maintained his love for education through various teaching positions. Fatema’s family imparted a love of literature, history and charity which she carried on through her lifelong support of vulnerable children. Together, they supported the education of hundreds of orphans in Patna, India where their family carries on this work today. The only thing dearer to the Warsis than education and charity was their children and grandchildren, who have lovingly dedicated this scholarship in their memory.


MAX Science and Engineering Scholarships aim to recognize students that have demonstrated achievement in the sciences or engineering. Examples of significant achievement include publications in academic journals, business start-ups in the areas of science or engineering, meaningful patents filed that have applications to society, and/or high marks with distinction.

Number of Awards: 1

Award Amount: $3,000

Applications Open: February 1st, 2020

Applications Close: April 15th, 2020

1. Self-identify as a Muslim
2. Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or protected person within the meaning of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
3. Have attained an overall average of 80% or higher from University/College, calculated from a valid transcript
4. Be enrolled at a recognized post-secondary institution in the Sciences, Trade School or Engineering (any STEM program outside of medicine) as of September 2019
5. Fields of science can include natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, and earth sciences) or social sciences (psychology, anthropology, and sociology).
6. Fields of engineering can include civil, electrical, computer, systems design, chemical, mechanical and biomedical.
7. Demonstrate proven excellence in community involvement that have a positive impact on the Muslim community and Canadian society. (Can be both Muslim and Non Muslim Organizations)
8. Demonstrate Significant Life Experience, Challenge or Extenuating Circumstances. This may be discussed in a candidate’s essay.
9. Demonstrate significant achievements in science or engineering including, but not limited to: publications in academic journals, business start-ups in the areas of science or engineering, and/or meaningful patents filed that have applications to society

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