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Help us continue to elevate the brand of Muslims. Please join us in motivating and supporting the bright youth of the Muslim community to become positive and successful contributors to Canadian society. Leave a legacy by offering a scholarship in your family or company name.

Not ready to sponsor a scholarship? Donate any amount to MSF to go towards funding a general “All-Star” Scholarship.

MSF is a registered charitable entity, and donors are eligible for a Charitable Tax Receipt.

Donate to a General All Star Scholarship
Sponsor a Scholarship under your name

MAX Scholarship Fund 2020

Accepting Scholarships from $3000 – $20,000

Option 1

  • Scholarship Amount: $3,000

Option 2

  • Scholarship Amount: $5,000

Option 3

  • Scholarship Amount: $10,000

Option 4

  • Scholarship Amount: $20,000

All scholarship donations come with a $500 fee. This fee helps to cover several operational and administrative costs of MSF listed below:

  • Contributions support MSF to host a reception for all scholarship winners
  • Covers the cost of 6 complimentary tickets for the MSF Reception (2 for Scholarship sponsors, 4 for the winner and family)
  • Website and Marketing costs
  • Scholarship winner Plaque
  • Other administrative fees (i.e., supplies)

Other ways to donate


Contribute a fixed sum to go towards a scholarship in your name of choosing for the year 2020. Each donor will receive a charitable tax receipt for the one-time donation.


MSF provides families the opportunity to donate through Endowment Funds. The Donor receives a charitable tax receipt for the full endowed amount. The endowed amount is then used by the charity (MSF) to earn a stable return in perpetuity that generates a scholarship annually in perpetuity.

What is an Endowment Fund?

Financial endowments are typically structured so the principal amount invested remains intact for the charity, while the earnings are available for immediate funding. The donor makes a one-time contribution for which a tax deduction receipt is granted.

We accept two types of Endowment Contributions:

Option 1

Full Cash Contribution
  1. One-time donation of $60,000 will generate $3,000 annual scholarship in perpetuity.
  2. One-time donation of $100,000 will generate $5,000 annual scholarship in perpetuity.
  3. One-time donation of $200,000 will generate $10,000 annual scholarship in perpetuity.

Option 2

Donate via publicly traded shares to MSF (significant tax advantages under CRA rules)

Sponsor a Scholarship today!

Fill out the form below to begin creating a unique scholarship with MSF. A representative will connect with you to discuss scholarship details and payment options.

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All Star ScholarshipHumanitarianArts & BusinessCommunitiesPersons with DisabilitiesScience Technology Engineering & MathMedicineOther

Please select the level of scholarship:
Post-Secondary/University/College (for students in University/College)Highschool (for students in Grade 12, entering University/College)

Scholarship Amount - Please Note: This includes a $500 flat fee

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Would you like to be a judge on your scholarship?

The MAX Scholarship Fund team is responsible for designing and managing the end-to-end scholarship process, including standardized rubrics, marketing, selecting the panel of judges, the judging process. Winners will be announced at the MSF Winners Reception.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss sponsoring a scholarship, please contact us at

Aazar Zafar, Founder aazar.zafar@maxscholars.org (647) 984 1911
Syed Rizvi, Partnerships syed.rizvi@maxscholars.org (416) 995 5029
General Inquiries scholarships@maxscholars.org (416) 414 1488